VERIFONE “Taxi of Tomorrow” Top

Those cool new aero shaped taxi-tops appearing atop the new Nissan NV200 aka “Taxi of Tomorrow” taxis across the city presented quite the challenge to advertising syndicate – VeriFone, due to NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission decision to standardize all cabs around the Nissan NV200.BlueMap Design designed VeriFone Media’s original Hi-Impact taxi top advertising module around the idea of clean and bright aesthetics. This resulted in a distinctive physical appearance right at home with the products advertised and the lifestyle found on the urban landscape. It was hailed as a significant improvement by design critics and enhanced VeriFone advertising business model. This TaxiTop worked fine on all cabs in the medallion fleet and was broadly implemented. But VeriFone’s business proposition was jeopardized by the new standardization directive.

This new “Taxi of Tomorrow” made ingress and egress easier and even added other humane creature comforts such as allowing passengers to view the cityscape through its large moonroof which was heralded as one of the main features of the new cabs. While great for passengers it threw a brick thru VeriFone Media’s rooftop advertising business. Not only would VeriFone’s taxi top advertising kiosk block the passenger’s view, it just wouldn’t even fit the Nissan. VeriFone’s advertising business was at risk!

Verifone Media enlisted BlueMap Design to uncover once again a solution that provided an attractive taxi top with maximum advertising space built for the Nissan NV200. The objective was to offer the same degree of advertising space as other taxi units, maintain the high degree of visibility and the modern, high-quality physical aesthetics they had previously established.

Based on the gestalt of earlier designs, BlueMap Design’s solution incorporated a slimmed down unit, tapered at forward and aft ends with a gentle connecting curve to form an “airfoil” shape with rearward placement on the cab top. From the passenger perspective, the view thru the moonroof was unobstructed so they could enjoy the intended architectural tour of the city on any trip. This TaxiTop has “purity of form” that keeps the pedestrian focus on the advertising and sparing them of the potential unsightly bulk of an advertising unit that could have looked too big for the vehicle. Not all designers would have handled this subtle but important aspect with the finest that is a matter of course for BlueMap Design. These excellent design qualities also help the cab driver because the aerodynamic form factor cuts the wind to improve fuel efficiencies and handling dynamics.