Hot kitchen, cool handle

Tio kitchen tools

Less is All

Bluemap Design achieved the design objectives for TiO by pushing the material and production process to the limit resulting in a high performance and efficient kitchen tool. The beauty of it came from the simple manufacturing processes. From flat stainless steel sheet stock to 3-dimensional form, the design exemplifies simplicity. It is made from a simple stamping and forming method. There is no second part to assemble or expensive tooling like over-molded rubber handle. The single material tool is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It doesn’t have nook and cranny like multi-parts tools that can trap dirt and grease.


Push the material and Process to the limit

The design takes advantage of the stamping and forming process. The handle area is stamped with slots to allow the material to expand during the forming process to create a contour shape that fit the hand perfectly. The grooves provide a tactile grip that is secure and comfortable to hold as well as dissipating the heat to keep the handle cool. You certainly need a cool handle in a hot kitchen.