What We Do

We offer a full range of design services. We help our clients take their ideas from concept to production.

Research and Discovery
Exploratory Brainstorm Session/ Trend Analysis/ Competitive Products Study /market Study / Store Audit / User Observation / User Research /

Product Development
Industrial Design / Ergonomic study / Mechanical Engineering / CMF Development / Electronics Development / Product Animation / iOS and Android App Development / Firmware Development / Rapid Prototyping / Functional Prototyping / Design for Manufacturing / Manufacturer Sourcing / Contract Manufacturing /

Brand Experience
Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Graphic Design / Structural and Graphic Packaging Design / Point of Purchase Display Design / Virtual Store Walk Through CG Animation / Trade Show Design /


We use a comprehensive design process to help our clients to realize their ideas. Our expert teams transform abstract concepts into marketable and successful products and services.



We start by fully understanding what we want to do by listening to our client's needs. Uncover the essential purpose of the project by asking “something” what it wants to be and discovering how that relates to what we want or need it to be. Information is then collected, reviewed, and examined. We develop connections between one piece of information and another to help us understand the relationship between bodies of knowledge.

Tools: product matrix mapping, user scenario development, exploratory brainstorming session, competitive products study, market study, store audit, and user observation.

Information is arranged to uncover the table of contents as a roadmap to understanding. It gives us a sense of the whole. It enables us to gauge direction with existing ideas and to help us stay within specific design criteria.

Tools: products and information analysis, trend analysis, design criteria definition, and theme board creation.

Based on set design criteria, we examine and test abstract ideas from different vantage points to “possess” or understand them.

Tools: spontaneous ideation workshop, 2D concept sketching, breadboard mock-up study, 3D form study, color study, ergonomic study, mechanical study, 3D CAD visualization, computer-generated product animation, and virtual store walkthrough animation.

Ideas are transformed into tangible forms as functional prototypes and appearance models.

Tools: engineering, surface, solid modeling, rapid prototyping, model making, functional prototyping, user research, usability testing, and product demonstration support.


We maintain design integrity and apply the design strategy correctly to achieve the result.

Tools: DFM, Manufacturer Sourcing, Contract Manufacturing, parts elevation, manufacturing support, product launch support