New York City Street Lights

Energize and Harmonize

The project focus was to improve the lighting system attachments for the various standard pole fixtures and to establish a direct method of disseminating real-time information to pedestrians in neighborhoods throughout New York City. Also, the lighting system had to be easy to maintain and resistant to environmental degradation. The color-coded brackets within our design would serve to energize and harmonize the overall streetscape visually. While respecting the need for the New York City street light family to retain a certain level of diversity due to historical and neighborhood-related precedents, we offered the energy-efficient LED lamp array in place of the standard bulb. Working within this practical framework, we proposed rolled rectangular stainless steel tubing for light poles and longer mast arms, and powder coated laser-cut steel plate for the six different brackets.


Real-Time Neighborhood Info

The straightforward manner in which these materials are used will not only enable NYCDOT maintenance crews to configure street and traffic lights easily, and add-ons according to the specific requirements in a particular location, but will result in a durable and cost-effective product. Due to the ever-changing environment of New York City, we provided the addition of a 10″ x 14″ OLED flat screen display positioned along the pole at 50″ (to accommodate wheelchair-bound residents, as well as the 99th percentile) off the ground, to present pedestrians with street-level access to neighborhood-specific crime and terrorism alerts, as well as transit updates, and community event announcements.