VeriFone Hi-Impact Taxi-top

Industrial design

2011 Good Design Award, USA
2011 IDEA Award finalist, USA

VeriFone Hi impact taxi top

Taxi-Top Advertising Proves “Less is More.”
VeriFone and BlueMap Design­ packed advanced technology into this new taxi billboard design to provide better image quality and, at the same time, a more environmentally responsible advertising medium.

This new billboard design enables advertisers to take advantage of the crisper and flatter images targeting audiences to see a bright movie-like screen image. It allows the cab-searching pedestrians to view a more legible cab availability status and medallion number. It is a better fit, has easier installation, and requires less maintenance on all taxi types and brands. The superior quality graphics output results from a new generation LED backlighting system, which provides brighter light and lowers energy consumption and the utilization of effective digital graphic reproduction processes. Harmonized Design/Engineering allows all generated light to be concentrated exclusively on advertising and functional communications. The aluminum frame size, shape, and angle maximize billboard space and pedestrian viewing to provide advertisers with more visibility and effectiveness for their money. A flat-panel graphic is illuminated precisely to focus the viewer on the message.


It is designed to fit perfectly and quickly install on all vehicle roof lines. This billboard has fewer parts and lighter weight, recycled and recyclable aluminum and plastic materials. It also weighs 30% less than the previous model – which translates to improved fuel, material, and labor economies. The narrower frontal profile of the design integrates Billboard, Medallion, and Duty Status communication into one unit, reducing aerodynamic drag/wind resistance, fuel costs, and production logistics. The assembly configuration and material choices will withstand the coldest winter nights and the hottest summer days, that in the past, resulted in many units bound for a landfill. Addressing the various and conflicting parameters and requirements of a design program and converting them into a cohesive solution is the type of success story Bluemap Design continually strives to achieve.

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