TYPO View and Packaging

Packaging Design, Graphic Design

TYPO View package

There are many iPad case products on the market. Most of them have one or a few fixed viewing angles. We recognize that people want to adjust the viewing angle freely when using the iPad. With the success of the TYPO keyboard for iPad Air, which uses a proprietary micro-friction hinge to achieve the fully adjustable stand, we applied the same design approach to the VIEW. The super small yet high torque value hinge could securely hold up the iPad Air at any angle. It allows us to differentiate the VIEW from all the other competitors.


We stay honest with the material selection. Aluminum is used for the stand because it can withstand the tremendous torque force generated by the friction hinge. Other materials will deform and fail in such a condition. The case is made of high-grade ABS plastic for maximum protection. We also added a microfiber cover for the screen. VIEW is not just another protective case for iPads. It protects and combines the fully adjustable view angles ability of the iPad Air with style.