TYPO Ultra-thin wireless keyboard

Industrial Design


With the success of the TYPO keyboard for iPad Air and IPad Mini. Bluemap Design’s product design team creates the TYPO Slim an ultra-thin wireless keyboard. Made of CNC machined aluminum with a super matte anodized black finish. It is feather light and less than 5mm thick. A perfect on the go keyboard that is stylish and functional.


We want to make the keyboard look as thin as possible. However, the keyboard mechanical components required a fix height dimension to work correctly, and we cannot change that. So we made a tapper form toward the front to be a wedge-like shape. The block contains the mechanical components intersect the wedge shape creates a contrasting form. We choose to CNC the keyboard housing out of high-grade aluminum to achieve a thin wall section while maintaining the structural integrity requirement. The aluminum is anodized with a super matte black finish. The idea is to minimize the reflection that distracts your eyes. It looks cool at the same time.