TYPO Keyboard for ipad Mini

Industrial Design


2016 Red Dot Design Award, Germany

2016 Spark Design Award, USA

2016 Good Design Award, USA

TYPO keyboard for mini

Typo Keyboard for iPad Mini combines a protective case, adjustable stand, and remarkably thin Bluetooth keyboard. It was created with a single goal: to create a better typing experience on an iPad.


Stood above competition
There are many iPad keyboard products on the market. Most of them have one or a few fixed viewing angles. None of them has a detachable keyboard. Bluemap Design recognizes that people want to adjust the viewing angle freely for typing during the research and discovery phase. The only way to achieve that kind of movement is to design it from the inside out. So, we collaborated with a world-renounce hinge manufacturer to develop a proprietary micro-friction hinge. It is super tiny but has the torque value to hold up the iPad at any angle securely. This feature is the critical differentiation between the Typo keyboard and all the other competitors.


Attention to details
We stay honest with the material selection. Aluminum is used for the stand because it can withstand the tremendous torque force generated by the friction hinge. Other materials will deform and fail in such a condition. We took the world’s best tablet and made it even better by bridging the gap between typing on a tablet and typing on a laptop. For some, the missing piece of the puzzle is the experience of using a physical keyboard with full-sized keys. For others, it’s having a built-in auto-correct or the ability to adjust their screen to any angle. The resulting hybrid iPad keyboard case has all the things you love about your laptop with none of the compromises.

TYPO keyboard for mini