Kodak EasyShare ONE

Industrial Design


2006 Red Dot Design Award, Germany

2006 CES Best of Innovations Award, USA

2006 IDEA Silver Award, USA

2006 Good Design Award, USA

2005 G4techTV “Best of CES” Honors for Digital Imaging, USA

2005 CNET’s “Next Big Thing” Award, USA

2005 Business Week Best Products, USA

Kodak Easyshare One

The Kodak EasyShare ONE was the first WiFi-enabled digital camera available. Bluemap Design’s challenge was to ensure that the design communicates the innovation of the product. The camera enabled people to share their photos anywhere at any time. The camera had to be perfectly attuned to how people take pictures. As on-the-go consumers become more popular, the Kodak EasyShare ONE’s wireless convenience became more relevant. Now, users can upload or e-mail directly from their camera seconds after taking the picture.


Style + Technology
The marriage of technology and design provides its on-the-go status. Bluemap Design’s product design team wants to capture the uniqueness of the product. We took a minimalist approach to design that reinforces a positive user experience. The simple, intuitive interface, the pearlescent white color band which encircles the stainless steel textured body. It makes the camera look seemingly graceful, unpretentious, and sophisticated. There is no noticeable grip on the front. Instead, we designed a polished, slightly raised nameplate on the front panel that instinctively draws you to grip it.


Kodak Easyshare One