The Best of Both Worlds

TYPO2 keyboard for iPhone 6

Industrial Design

TYPO2 keyboard for iphone6

TYPO INNOVATION’s new TYPO2 bridges the gap between the physical and virtual keyboards. The raised, ergonomically shaped, responsive keys make it the ultimate physical iPhone keyboard experience. This keyboard reduces miss spelling and increases typing speed, aiding the efficiency and efficacy required by discriminating business people. TYPO2 delivers faster response and reaction, improving communication and accuracy every day. This iPhone accessory is for people who love the iPhone but prefer to type on a qwerty keyboard. It has the best of the physical and virtual worlds.


“User-Driven Design” Delivers Speed and Accuracy
Observation of real-life usage scenarios, analysis of design opportunities, and creative industrial design development lead to the optimized solution that business people around the globe seek – speed, reduced misspellings, and ease of use. The TYPO2 attaches to an iPhone 6 to deliver on these performance objectives. Its minimal size is the result of precision design and superb engineering. Testimonials from users of TYPO2 around the globe typically say a similar thing – “TYPO2 is a terrific iPhone accessory that makes life easier –it lets me be more efficient with my work.”


Precision Design and Engineering
The design process incorporated user feedback and analysis to make an even better, more efficient product than the original TYPO keyboard for iPhone 5/5S. Most notably, the new key layout now more closely matches the arrangement of the iOS virtual keyboard, allowing for a smoother transition to the TYPO2.


In addition to the placement of the keys, the keyboard is split into two main sections. Ergonomically designed, We angled all keys on the left section to the left and all keys on the right section to the right. It naturally allows the thumbs to align with the angled keys for faster typing. The shape of the keys has also been re-designed for comfort and to create a better typing experience. An increase in the size and placement of four of the most commonly used keys – the alt key, the backspace key, the apple “home” key, and the return/enter key, enables users to type faster and more accurately. Lastly, a keyboard lock feature has been added to prevent unwanted pocket dialing.

The Ultimate Smart Phone Typing Experience!
TYPO2 Keyboards for iPhone 6 have a thin premium form factor and built-in high performance to function better while making work faster, more accurate, and more comfortable.

– Ergonomically designed keyboard aligns with left and right hands for great tactile feel/feedback, resulting in faster, more correct typing.

– Larger size keys allow clearer graphics and better touch characteristics and usability.

– Butter-smooth, physical typing provides an unrivaled typing experience.
– Keyboard and case add the absolute minimum additional length and thickness to the iPhone while still protecting the phone


TYPO2 keyboard for iphone6