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Moment M17 digital car top advertising display
Industrial Design


2021 Platinum Winner GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN, Canada

2020 Good Design Awards, USA

Moment M17 digital car top

Two types of products dominate the digital car-top advertising market. On one end is an LCD-based display panel that offers high resolution but is expensive, power-hungry, and bulky. On the other spectrum is a LED-based display that is lightweight and affordable. The drawback is that the low-resolution screen cannot accurately render color and continuous tone, making it undesirable to display digital advertising for brands. Moment Solutions, a leading cloud-based products manufacturer, see an opportunity to offer a compact-size display unit that uses high-resolution LCDs while keeping the cost in check. They collaborate with Bluemap design for the design challenge.


The industrial design team of Bluemap Design works closely with Moment’s electronic hardware development team to create the M17 digital car top advertising display. We re-configured the components and designed an advanced cooling system to achieve a super slim body that is half the thickness of the competitive unit. It also reduces weight by more than 50%. The all-aluminum construction is lightweight yet provides a durable enclosure for the harshest urban driving environment. The two medallion endcaps are cut at an angle for the unique look and as an air intake to cool the unit. We consider how the unit is serviced with the field in mind. The technician can easily swap the LCD screen module with the quick-release mechanism for serving in less than 10 minutes. The unit is mounted on the car with robust roof racks. The overall design approach is simple. We want to create a clean design look that doesn’t compete with digital advertising itself. We combine simplicity and utility in one design.


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