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Innotek M14 cloud-based camera

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2019 Good Design Awards, USA



innoteck cloud camera

Watching over from the cloud
With the booming of car-hailing apps like UBER, LYFT, ARRO, and CURB, more people drive full-time or part-time for a living. While the focus is always on the safety and security of the passengers, not much was done to safeguard the driver’s well-being. The Innotek M14 cloud-based camera is designed to protect the driver and the passengers. The innovatively designed camera has a highly sensitive infrared sensor array to capture video and images in extremely low-light environments. It is especially essential for night shift drivers who are more prone to crime. The video data is captured and streamed to the cloud. Nothing is stored locally on the camera. The video can be retrieved from the cloud even if the camera is vandalized or destroyed.


End-to-end solution
The product design team of Bluemap Design works closely with Innotek’s electronic hardware development team to create the M14 cloud-based camera. As part of Innotek’s innovative cloud-based security products, we developed a clean product form with a small footprint to minimize the driver’s view obstruction. The camera bracket has continuous tilt angle adjustment for the best-capturing view. We made many 3D-printed rapid prototypes and CNC-machined working prototypes to test the components fitting, ergonomics, and usability. We manage the entire process of design, mechanical engineering, tooling, and manufacturing of the plastic components, which help our client accelerate the deployment schedule.


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innoteck cloud camera