Bluemap Design is an award-winning industrial design and packaging design consultancy, specializing in consumer electronics, office products, housewares, structural and graphic packaging, and branding.  Our approach emphasizes the vital importance of a user’s experience with a product, and we strive to determine the best solutions for our clients’ product development needs.  With many years of experience and international recognition, our designers have established a comprehensive design process that has resulted in many successful designs.

Bluemap on design

Founded by Simon Yan in 2001, the firm has gained international acclaim for its signature design aesthetic utilizing simplicity relative to form and function. Our belief that the job of designing products is to improve user relations, not make them more difficult. Simplicity, functionality, and execution merged with design influence the way we think, act, and approach a project. We look for a common thread in design making one or two elements the focal points. This idea is carried through in all our work whether we're designing consumer electronics, household products, or hardware.

Simon Yan, founder of Bluemap Design, was recently interviewed and featured at top design site - narkii.com 納金网


We work with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs worldwide to create, renew and strengthen their brand power through design. Companies like 3M, Acco Brands, Bissell, Bristol-Myers Squibb, J&J, Kodak, TYPO Innovations, Unilever and VeriFone have enlisted us as their design partner.

Bluemap Design work with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs


Global recognition for our design achievement


iF Design Award, Germany

Red Dot Award, Germany


G-Mark Good Design Award, Japan


Spark Design Award, USA

K-Design Award, Korea

Good Design Award, USA

CES Best of Innovations Award, USA

Business Week Best Products, USA

CES Design and Engineering Award, USA

ID magazine ADR Award, USA

Business Week Best Products Award, USA

CNET "Next Big Thing" Award, USA

CES Design and Engineering Award, USA

CHIP Award for Innovations in Digital Photography, Germany

PC World Innovation Award, USA

Business 2.0 Magazine Bottom Line Design Award

CES Editors Choice Award

Bluemap design received many design awards


Our work were featured at top global design blogs, websites, magazines, and newspapers.


Our work were exhibited at international museums and top galleries.

Bluemap Design exhibited at international museums and top galleries