Beat the traffic

2021 Good Design Awards, USA


Keeping hands clean reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission during the pandemic. But when there is no water to wash your hand, the most effective way is to use hand sanitizer. A lot of stores and businesses offer hand sanitizer to their customers. However, most of the dispenser has a single dispensing nozzle and limited holding capacity. It needs to be refilled often. We designed the NUSAN automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with multiples nozzles and extra-large sanitizer volume to address this issue


NUSAN is a new high capacity automatic hand sanitizer dispenser designed to use in a high traffic environment. The freestanding model has four nozzles in two convenient dispensing height for both adults and kids. Four people can use the dispenser simultaneously. It has an extra-large capacity that does not need refilling all the time. It is ideal for places like shopping malls, theme parks, and stadiums.


NUSAN offers two models, a free-standing unit with two dispensing height a total of four dispensing nozzles. Each nozzle can dispense up to 10 liters of sanitizer. The counter-top unit has single dispensing nozzles with a dispensing capacity of up to 5 liters of sanitizer. Both models are equipped with an automatic sensor for dispensing and are powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery. They are made of industrial-grade aluminum with a smooth surface making it easy to clean and disinfect.


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