Kodak C123 digital Camera



Good Design Award, 2011
Red Dot Design Award, 2011
CES top gadgets, 2011
Bluemap Design deftly balanced engineering and marketing objectives to provide a design that communicates broad goals and ergonomics that support positive handling to render a fun yet serious camera. To accomplish this, Bluemap Design embraced broad, potentially conflicting objectives to produce a solution that is appealing to all demographics and just right for any use, anywhere. Providing a form factor of unique proportion, scale and detail, Bluemap Design nicely defines “KODAK EASYSHARE Sport C123’s” distinct market approach. The coveted 2011 Red Dot Design Award, Germany has already recognized this design quality. Given design, performance, versatility and price, this camera could become a digital age “camera standard” as its appeal transcends age, gender, income or application.
“KODAK EASYSHARE Sport C123″ has great ergonomics with soft rubber grips to enhance use in fair weather as well as in wet and dusty environments. Easy to use interface and well designed controls augment a 2.4” LCD color display to make this camera a pleasure to handle. Powered by two “Double A” batteries available everywhere, even in remote locations, the “KODAK EASYSHARE Sport C123” has a broad geographic range of use and market potential.

The “KODAK EASYSHARE Sport C123” is more than a “sports” camera, it is actually an all purpose camera that’s just right for any use or demographic, work or play. With comfortable styling and smart engineering it appeals to any mindset, attitude or location.